May’s Book of the Month: The Bees by Laline Paull

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And now we have a winner for a book for the theme, in an Animal’s Voice.

The Mocha Girl Read Book of the Month for May is The Bees by Laline Paull.  Take a minute to see what this book is all about.


The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Hunger Games in this brilliantly imagined debut.

Born into the lowest class of her society, Flora 717 is a sanitation bee, only fit to clean her orchard hive. Living to accept, obey and serve, she is prepared to sacrifice everything for her beloved holy mother, the Queen. Yet Flora has talents that are not typical of her kin. And while mutant bees are usually instantly destroyed, Flora is reassigned to feed the newborns, before becoming a forager, collecting pollen on the wing. Then she finds her way into the Queen’s inner sanctum, where she discovers secrets both sublime and ominous. Enemies roam everywhere, from the fearsome fertility police to the high priestesses who jealously guard the Hive Mind. But Flora cannot help but break the most sacred law of all, and her instinct to serve is overshadowed by a desire, as overwhelming as it is forbidden…

Laline Paull’s chilling yet ultimately triumphant novel creates a luminous world both alien and uncannily familiar. Thrilling and imaginative, The Bees is the story of a heroine who changes her destiny and her world.

About the Author

I am an author, playwright and screenwriter. I live just outside Hastings on the south coast of England, with my husband,  daughter, two step-sons and for the first time in decades, no animals.   (read more)

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Congratulations Laline for being the winner of April’s book of the month for 2017!

Feel free to leave comments below or at We are looking forward to hearing what you all think of this month’s selection.

Keep the pages turning ladies.

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Quote it – Happy Easter!

Pope John Paul II

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Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop

Hosted by Book Hounds

Happy Good Friday/Easter Everyone!  Today we are hosting our monthly giveaway.  Every single month there is something fun to watch or do to win the monthly giveaway.  Today is different.  We are going to do something a bit different.

~ Giveaway ~

Answer one of the following questions in the comment section below.

  1.  The best book I have read this year is _________.
  2. One book I wish I could get to is ____________.
  3. A geat book that reminds me of spring is __________.
  4. I am currently reading _________.


  1.  Enter this giveaway by answering one of the questions in the comment section below and add your email address.
  2. Must be 16 yrs or older.
  3. Must be a US resident to win.
  4. Hop on to the other blogs listed below.

~The Prize ~

Pick any book you want to add to the pile of books you already have.



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Giveaway Winners: February & March

Winner Logo

First, let me start this post by saying…I am so sorry for not picking and posting the winners earlier.  I have no excuse.  I just can’t think of why my brain left giveaway winners on a shelf somewhere.  I will try to keep it together.  Promise.  Unless I hit Lotto and then all promises are null and void.  That is my disclaimer to everything in life.  Hey…you never know.

First, let’s go back in our time machine to February 2017.


Winner, winner.  Chicken Dinner.

Yes, it’s time to announce the winners of the February giveaway.  Thank you all for entering the giveaways and commenting.  Thank you so much.

If you don’t see your name on the winner’s list today, don’t worry we have the another chance to win.  We host monthly giveaways here at Mocha Girls Read.

Now here are the winners.


– Melissa M. and Vivian T. 

won one of two gifts from Mocha Girl Kat in the 17 Mocha Girl Romances + Romance Is In The Air Giveaway

Congratulations winners!!!

Everyone who didn’t win, don’t worry there is a new giveaway coming…so stay tuned!

*moving the controls of the time machine to March 2017*

 Welcome to the March winners giveaway announcement.

First, let me first say, thank you so much to everyone for stopping by Mocha Girls Read website, commenting and entering the giveaway.
Now on to the winner… *Drumroll*



on winning the Lucy Leprechaun Giveaway Hop. 
She gets to select one book from the four books posted on the giveaway.

If you didn’t win don’t worry another giveaway is coming.  Yes!  Check back here on April 15 and enter the Easter Giveaway.

You can be a winner too.

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Voting for March’s Book of the Month: An Animal’s Voice

For the month of MAY, we are going to read a book in AN ANIMALS VOICE.  As always there are some really great titles up for the vote this time.

Here are the Rules for Voting.

1. You may vote for three (3) books.

2. All members get to vote only once.

3. Last day to vote will be April 16, 2017. (11:00pm Los Angeles time)

4. The book with the most votes wins. But if there is a tie there will be a 48-hour death match. The two or three books will go into a head to head competition for only 48 hours. Whichever book is left standing (with the most votes) wins!

Below the poll, you will find the title of the books linked to more information on Amazon.

*Note: If a book is found to have accumulated fraudulently votes, it will be disqualified and the second runner up will be our book of the month.*


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