2017 MGR Book Bingo Winners!

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It’s that time everyone! 

You all have done an outstanding job with the 2017 Book Bingo reading challenge and today is the day it pays off.


I know that I said I would give the winners of the Book Bingo Reading Challenge a new book.  But since everyone that participated did an outstanding job I am going to change it up a bit.

1 new book will be shipped out to the following winners for completing one Book Bingo Card. 





2 new books will be shipped out the following winners for completing two Book Bing Cards.





And last but not least… These following winners will get to purchase anything they want on Amazon up to a $15.00 USD value for completing all three Book Bingo Cards.



Congratulations to all the winners!!  Please email me at mochagirl at email dot com with your shipping information if you name is above.  Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job with the 2017 Book Bingo Reading Challenge.

Another reading challenge will be coming soon.

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  • Bernie

    Thank you, I really enjoyed the book bingo challenge. It made me read more.

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