2nd Annual #Black Friday Read-a-Thon on November 24

Hosted by DuLivre, Mocha Girls Read, and Books & Sensibility

Black Friday ads are everywhere!  People are getting their funds, sleeping bags, and gear together for the mad rush.  I wouldn’t be too shocked if there are people lining up in front of Best Buy right now.


Now, why would I or anyone want to be apart of this madness?


  Yikkes!  This is madness.  Wait…is that an iron?  Whattt?? All of this for an iron!!!


These folks have lost their minds over kitchenware.

Now, let’s find a calmer, peaceful and sane activity like a READ-A-THON!  Amber @DuLivre came up with this brilliant idea last year.  A read-a-thon at home with the books we love.  I mean this is the most perfect event.  You can:

  • Finish a book on your nightstand.
  • Get caught up on a reading challenge.
  • Start that book you have always wanted to read.

I know you are excited about the read-a-thon now.  So here is the information about the #BFRaT (that’s the hashtag we will be using.)

How do I sign up?

Simply post on your blog/website, Instagram, or tweet about #BFRAT along with your goals. Feel free to also use the below image. Don’t forget to link to your sign-up post as well so that you’re eligible for prizes.

When is it?

12 a.m. Friday, November 24 until 11:59 p.m.

So….Americans only?

Nope! The more the merrier!

Will there be challenges?

Yes! There will be challenges throughout the day with opportunities to win our favorite things – books! You have to be signed up to qualify for the prizes.

Okay, I’m intrigued. How do I participate? 

Basically, do you. Choose your TBR realistically and know that the universal challenge is to read a book! You can interact with other readers on social media and through blog post challenges, just have fun with it!
Stay connected with your hosts by following via social media and using the hashtag #BFRaT
Are you sold? I hope you are! Join me and other great readers as we snuggle up with some books and a nice hot chocolate (or tea/coffee…do you).
You can sign up HERE.
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