Giveaway: Reflections of a Bookaholic

Reflections of a Bookaholic

The amazing blogger Mocha Girl Alexis of Reflections of a Bookaholic is having a Giveaway on her site.

Mocha Girl Alexis

Who is Mocha Girl Alexis?  In her own words here she is…My name is Alexis, and I am an overstressed law student who escapes to the world of books. I am University of Texas graduate (Hook ‘Em) and a Teach for America Alum. I taught High School English.

I am currently attending University of Texas School of Law. I was married in June 2010. At the urging of my wonderful husband, I created this blog to escape the stresses of my life. Books have been my life since I was four years old. I’ve written award-winning essays, college essays, personal statements, and now a blog about my love of books. In addition to my love of reading, I am on a personal journey to learn to cook.  I love reading ANY and EVERYTHING!! I believe that there is a book for every person and a person for every book. 

And what is Reflections of a Bookaholic all about?  This blog reflects my ongoing journey with books. Many blogs review new books and keep track of up and coming book related issues. My blog hopes to be a home for anyone who reads books, needs to know about particular books, or any person who is bored and needs something to catch their eye for a short while.

The content will mostly focus on good reads new and old.  I will review books I read.  I hope to provide lists, resources, and other fun stuff I find helpful as a reader.  Maybe I can uncover an underrated/forgotten book for you!  In addition, this blog seeks to be a conversation between readers about thoughts and reflections concerning the life, times, and hardships (wink, wink) of a reader.

All rules and instructions on how to enter the giveaway are on the site.  You can access the site by clicking on the button above or the site button located on the right side menu.

Good Luck Mocha Girls!

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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.