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Do you take notes while reading a book? If yes, how do you take notes as it helps you better absorb information? When you do, which is your poison – a highlighter, pencil, or sticky notes? Times have changed and author’s have created gems to assist in our scribbling addiction: Book Journals! Let’s check out a few that will help with reading December’s book of the month.

If you’re anything like me, owning a book means I’ve written in that book. It’s my appreciation to it author. I write in the margins of books, underline and highlight. I use stars with a circle around it, double underlines for a particular sentences or use a pink highlighter for quotes; I also jot down pages numbers. And HELLO sticky notes! Ultimately, I’ve created a personal version of college cliff notes of every book I read. The library I’ve built is a book-wide cheat sheet to every story.

Here are a few upgrades to past noting habits:


Book Lovers Journal


What I Read (Red) Mini Journal

My Bibliophile: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers



While reading books, especially self-help books, do yourself a favor and grab a pen. Write them on post it note and place them throughout your house, or buy a journal. It’s a great way to remember the ‘encouragement’ you need.


Do you have any note taking tips or tricks? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • I love these. I have been thinking about journaling while I read so I will be able to remember the books better. I love these and I might have to try it in 2017

  • I do take notes as I read. I’m a book blogger, so notes actually really help me when it’s time for me to review the book especially when I might be reviewing the book sometimes a few weeks after I finished reading it. I use an electronic note system, Evernote for now. I’m trying to switch over to something else possibly Microsoft OneNote or another service that I already have access to for free because sadly the version of Evernote that I use has become quite expensive. I own the mini red journal shown above, but I have yet to write in it. LOL.

    • I used Excel to keep track of books for reading challenges but I never thought of doing a journal for notes until now. Several people I know use Evernote too. I think I will look into it but the books are so cute.

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  • Hakikah Shamsiden

    Thank you for sharing this. I will use for my 2017 reading challenge.

  • Natasha Collins

    Love this! I’m going to get one, I love the idea of jotting down quotes and notes…now I have to decide which one to get lol

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