Are book clubs extinct?

I love how teenagers are into expressing themselves now through blogging. Back in the day we had diaries and journals. I think my diary was in a little box with a lock on it.
But now they are blogging and video journaling.  With the topics ranging from everyday life of a teenager to fashion, music and yes even books.

Here is one blog post I found by a teen about book clubs she is attending.  She asks in this post the all time question. Are book clubs for old people? Are they??  Are books clubs extinct? Read the post and tell me what you think.

Tonight I went to a book club meeting for Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It was a small group of about 7 people of which I was the youngest. Everyone else was in their 40s-60s. When I mentioned this to my sister, she laughed and explained that book clubs/groups are for old people. I went to argue with her when I realized that I was the only young person that I knew who went to these things. Since I’m planning on eventually leading my own book clubs, I now have to wonder are book clubs among younger people impossible or if Facebook has completely changed the definition and purpose of a book club for forever.
Am I one of the only young people left that wants to meet face to face to discover and discuss books? I guess I’ll find out in the next couple of weeks when I hold my very first book club event at the end if this month.

A Growing and Thriving Book Club…

Clip from News Report

Did you know?                                                                                                                                                There is one club for Little Mocha Girls called God’s Reading Stars that is for ages 4 to 16.  Their club motto is Reading is Believing, Achieving and Succeeding.  God’s Reading Stars have also appeared on the local news. NEWS CLIP HERE.   These girls don’t just read together but they also go on outings together.    Not just trips to the library but they are traveling to Atlanta,GA and Baltimore, MD to attend workshops.
Go Little Mocha Girls Go!
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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • What an touching post. I was so glad to hear such good news about girls who love to read. I think of book clubs in terms of “sister circles,” whereby sisterhood is created and strengthened.

    • I completely agree with you. It is so heart warming to see a group of young girls enjoying more than dancing and dress up. It reminds me of my days in Girls Scouts.

  • I always wanted to be apart of a book club! I think that would be fun. I would love to join a book with other adults who read YA, because I am still guilty of that. It’s such a fun genre!

  • After reading Twilight I totally understand. I have been reading Adriana Trigiani books too.

  • I joined a book club three months ago. Our group consists of people aged between about 22 and 32. I’d hardly call us an old bunch! Chatting with weekend staff in my local book shops I’ve discovered several book groups near me where most people are aged between 18 and 25. I don’t know any book clubs for teenagers specifically but if 18 years olds think book clubs are cool then younger teens need to know what they’re missing out on. I used to love sharing books and talking about them when I was younger.

    • The age range of one of the groups I belong to ranges from 20 to 60 and the other one is 20 something. That makes me the oldest person there. LOL!!