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Litsy is a new photo sharing platform for exploring and sharing books. Use it to share what you’re reading, discover new books to read, and indulge in our culture’s collective love of cat pictures. Seriously, there are lots of pictures of cats and books.

Litsy is different from other bookish platforms in that it is completely centered around books. On other sites people can talk about books or any other topic. On Litsy every post must tag a book. Books are tagged as either to read, reading, or have read. Once you have tagged a post you can only do three things: review, blurb or quote.Litsy review-blurb-quote

Review a book you read:

Did you love it or was it just all right? Add your thoughts, and if you wish, add a rating. Litsy has a super simple rating system. There is no need to spend time puzzling out the difference between a “3” and “4”. Either you really liked it (pick), it was okay (so-so), you didn’t like it (ban), or you couldn’t finish it (bail).

Blurb about a book:

How is the book so far? going? Did a character just do something you can’t believe and you need to rant or rave about it? That’s what blurbs are for.

Quote from a book:

Sometimes you come across a paragraph, a sentence, or even just a phrase and you have to mark it down and share it with the world. Litsy is the perfect place for sharing those words that grab you and make you stop and take notice.

Grow your Litfluence

As people like and comment on your posts or add books after seeing your posts, your litfluence grows. Although not meant to be competitive, it can be fun to watch the number grow as you make more connections with other readers.

You can also use Litsy to find and follow other readers and groups. If there is a person whose book selections appeal to you, follow them so you can keep up with what they’re reading next. (People can follow you too.)

Book related groups  are popping up on Litsy as well. There are all kinds of groups on Litsy, big and small, formal and informal. Some groups focus on book swaps or recommendations, while others are full-fledged book clubs.  To find book groups that interest you use the hashtag symbol “#” followed by what you’re looking for. For example, try #WeNeedDiverseBooks or #giveaway.

Litsy is available on both Apple and Android devices.



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