Underground w/ Aisha Hinds



In highlight of this month book The Underground Railroad, we are taking a look at one of the best television shows to date: Underground. A similar story about a young slave’s adventures as she makes a bid for freedom.
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Summer Reading Lists & Logs

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Let’s get our children prepared for summer reading! With ton of books on our radar, LOTS of our favorite go-to reading resources offer literacy goodies for our little ones. Inside, we are preparing, resarching and printing out all the materials needed to kick-off your own literacy program at home. [Read more…]

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Summer Reading for the Kiddos

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It’s time for summer reading. Alongside our diligent reading, we are encouraging the little one in out lives to to be our accountability partners. Once upon a time, summer reading was a bore, a chore and an activity looked down on; we are here to announce reading is getting more and more appealing! [Read more…]

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Salute-A-Style: Taraji P. Henson

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The evolution of style is defined simply by gradually developing into something; Taraji P. Henson did more than that.  She evolved from our Around The Way Girl and became the worlds most precious jewel. The lineage of growth could be quantified by attaining ‘things’ or in her case reaching soulful goals. Wordly recognition may not be everyone’s goal but what woman isn’t giddy over the next best style? [Read more…]

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‘Around The Way Girl’ Style

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In a world where glitz, glamour and instant gratification have maintained a surface-based win, the worlds biggest influencer of them all have always been the Around the Way Girl. Her style, her charisma, her innate touch with reality and coolness are assets the world has tried capturing, bottling and selling. Let’s take a peek at some of our most valuable AWG’s. [Read more…]

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