#BFRaT: Wrap Up and Mini-Challenge Winner


Hosted Du Livre and Mocha Girls Read

Whew!  I love read-a-thons.  I love having a day of sitting around the house and focusing on reading.  I think I drank a gallon of hot tea too!  But I am happy to say that I kinda hit my reading goal.  I completed the audiobook Anybody’s Daughter.  I completed two graphic novels Yummy and American Born Chinese.  I made it to the half-way mark in Happiness Like Water and I read the first 50 pages of Underground Airlines.  This read-a-thon got me 3 books ahead on my Goodreads Reading Challenge too!

How did you do?  Did you finish a book?  Get caught up on a reading challenge?  How many hours of reading did you get it?

Did you see all the colorful book towers you guys posted for the mini challenge?

I love these but there was one that totally put the book tower to a whole new game.  The winner made the colorful tower from the same author.45a9962e8d0416d6d807e65380757094eb4cebfa3f788dbc46f0ef5ff9631b8cCongratulations Ms. Josephine!  You will receive two books and a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.

If you didn’t win this mini-challenge then enter the Gratitude Giveaway.

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  • This readathon got me 13 boks behind on my GR challenge instead of 17. Haha small victories!

    And yes Josephine! That tower is awesome!

    • Thank you so very much for letting us co-host. It was a BLAST! Thank you and congrats on the small victory!

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