Black History Month: Black Books #8

Welcome to the first annual Black History Month Hop hosted by Reflections of a Bookaholic and Mocha Girls Read a month long blogging event which focuses on giving black authors, books, and those who support them a month in the spotlight.

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We have a lot of giveaways going on right now from great Black authors.  All winners will be announced on 2/29/2012.

Stephanie Norris’ “Trouble in Paradise” (Ends 2/28)

Earnessa T. Carter’s “32 Candles” (Ends 2/28)

This is the week we introduce you to books by Black authors or with Black character.

Rewrite Your Story: An Autobiography

MGR:  Welcome to Mocha Girls Read Shivawn.  Thanks so much for taking time to chit chat with us.  Can you tell us about your book?

SM:  Rewrite Your Story is based upon my life experiences. I’m very transparent with my life failures, heartbreaks and repeated poor choices. I cover loving someone more than yourself, trying to keep up with the Joneses’, loneliness, redefining who you are and defining your purpose. Its like you have the privilege of sitting in on my counseling session with me and you learn by my journey. In the book I am very vulnerable in revealing my hurt but I also shine light on how to rewrite your story.  It’s my open journal to get women to stop hiding and masking there issues but instead to deal with them head on and to keep getting up everyday to live the best life possible.

MGR:  That is very brave of you.  What was the inspiration for this book?

SM:  Other women that I encountered that were going through the same things I had been through. I really got tired of seeing women pretending that everything was okay but deep down inside they were hurting and didn’t know how they could recover to have the life they desired. I couldn’t see myself learning from my mistakes and not sharing it with other women. I wanted to be that support they needed without feeling ashamed to ask for help. I wanted to show women that you mess could turn into your message.

MGR:  What were some of the obstacles you encountered with this book?

SM:  Whew! I had a lot of learning experience with this book since my book is through my own company “Signature Publishing”. However, the biggest obstacle came recently when one of my family members finally finished reading my book. The family member wasn’t that pleased with the book. They felt like I shared too much of my “business” and was worried about how people would perceive me. I’ve always been pretty confident in my decisions but after hearing that it was a blow to my momentum. It’s a hard pill to swallow when someone you care about isn’t “feeling” what you are doing. But, I know my book is needed so I decided to keep it moving and remember everyone won’t understand what my purpose is!

MGR:  What are you working on now? Can we get a sneak peak?

SM:  I’m in the process of working on publishing another book for one our new authors. Hopefully her book will be out by the end of 2012! No sneak peak…sorry!!! In addition I am working on my second book which will deal solely with relationships.

MGR:  What are you reading now?

SM:  The Five Love Languages (single edition) Gary Chapman; Marriage Talk Kim W. Brown; The Pocket Stylist Kendall Farr; The 4-Hour Workweek Timothy Ferriss

MGR:  Who are some of your favorite authors?

SM:  E. Lynn Harris; Robert Kiyosaki; Sister Soulijah; KiKi Swinson; John C. Maxwell

MGR:  As February comes to a close, what does Black History Month Mean to you?

SM:  Its means that I get to live the dreams I desire because of what people did before me. They lived their purpose so we could have freedom today. Black History Month is more than February it is the legacy that I will leave behind for my family, friends and associates to be motivated by. Black History Month allows me to be reminded that we have so much to be thankful for but so much more that we could be doing everyday.

MGR:  Amen! What do I do for fun?

SM:  I am a social butterfly. So I love meeting new people and going to different places. I’m also a foodie and enjoy trying new restaurants. Of course shopping is a must!!!

MGR:  You and I are so on the same way length.  LOL!!  What is your guilty pleasure?

SM:  Krispy Kreme doughnuts are my best friend!!

MGR:  Ohhhhh!!  and when they are hot!!  ok ok ok ….When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

SM:  A model during the summer and a teacher during the fall. I had a plan (smiles).

MGR:  You were a girl on a mission.  🙂  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SM:  I plan on having multiple authors who are published by my company Signature Publishing and to have written at least two more books myself. To have opened at least two more boutiques with my business partner (The Beauty Boudoir). In addition to have more women that I am working with at my company L.O.V.E. Inc. (living out visions eternally). Finally to be married with children.

MGR:  Wow!! I love it.  What is your favorite holiday and why?

SM:  Valentines Day. I am a hopeful romantic! I love to give love and to receive it as well. It’s the ultimate day to go all out in addition to what you should already be doing for your significant loved one.

MGR:  What are 2 things on your bucket list, Shivawn?

SM:  To go to Australia and to sky dive!

MGR:  Thank you so much for hanging out with us.  Would you like to give a Shout Out?

SM:  To everyone who has a dream and is too afraid to take the next step. Just do it! Step in fear….don’t allow yourself to stop you from living your dreams LOUD!

MGR:  I usually like to give authors the last word but that deserves an.. AMEN!!

Author Shivawn Mitchell’s Bio

Shivawn Mitchell is a Counselor, Author, Purpose Motivator, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Chesterfield County, VA, Shivawn’s parents always pushed her to pursue owning a business and taught her to make a difference while doing so. This is something she took to heart and quickly applied to her life.

Shivawn fell in love with the written word as a child when she received her first journal, and she’s been writing ever since.

After high school, Shivawn attended Norfolk State University and graduated with a degree in counseling and a minor in sociology. Though she began the Master’s program at Liberty University, after a semester and a half, she discovered her heart wasn’t in it, and she decided to move on.

She soon realized she wanted to provide woman with support on how to pursue their purpose and passion, and in December 2010, Shivawn launched L.O.V.E., an organization focused on empowering women’s total life and developing change agents for the world. As a result L.O.V.E. Academy has become L.O.V.E.’s first extension. L.O.V.E. Academy is specifically designed to help women take that next step in starting a business, redefining their personal life or pursuing their purpose.

Shivawn then struck interest in publishing upon realizing its influence on people and discovering that words can affect change or create chaos. As a result, Shivawn established Signature Publishing & Media (a division of L.O.V.E. Inc) in March 2011. She decided to pursue her first love even further and self-publish her first book, “Rewrite Your Story” with additional titles on the way.

In addition, Shivawn is the part owner of The Beauty Boudoir. The Boudoir’s charge is to inspire and encourage every woman, everywhere to build confidence in her distinct uniqueness, knowing that she is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Our goal at the Boudoir is to ignite inner and outer beauty in all women.

Shivawn’s sole desire is to empower women to live the life they dream of while also inspiring young ladies along the way to do the same. She recognizes that every time she is given a chance to speak it is her way of living her visions eternally and paying it forward. She believes that its time for women to step up and create a higher standard for the lives they are living.

“Don’t Just Have a Vision But Live it Loud”

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