Black History Month: Business of Black Books #2

Welcome to the first annual Black History Month Hop hosted by Reflections of a Bookaholic and Mocha Girls Read a month long blogging event which focuses on giving black authors, books, and those who support them a month in the spotlight.

For the second week of the hop we have a few things planned for you. What’s a hop you ask?  At the bottom of each post you will find a list of other sites participating in the hop.  This way you can easily hop from one blog to another.

Weekly Topics for the Black History Month Hop
1st – 7th Black History Month Giveaway Hop (Enter Here)
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    5th – 11th The Business of Black Books
   12th – 18th  Black Love
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We thought the best way to kick of this hop is to have a giveaway.  We want to have the chance give something back to our readers and members.  In the right hand side menu you will find the giveaway button.  What can you win?  Well Mocha Girls Read is giving one lucky winner 13 books.  Yes!  13 books by Black Authors.   Giveaway ends on February 7th, 2012 at midnight (PST).  Enter now and hop on over to the next blog to see what you can win there.

From the 5th to the 11th of February are the “Business of Black Books” segments of the Black History Month Hop where we be talking to the authors, publishers, bloggers and people who help black authors meet readers. Here is an exciting event happening in Los Angeles this month in honor of Black History Month.

I want to introduce you to my favorite bookstore and the home of LA Chapter of Mocha Girls Read.  Instead of me telling you about this amazing place, I have gathered reviews from

Reviews of Esowon Bookstore

“How do I love thee? You have been a part of my literary life since high school when you were on La Brea. Whenever I am looking for a hard-to-find book in the African Diaspora or the latest NY Times bestseller, I could rest assured that you would have it (or could get it quickly).  Always helpful and kind, promoting authors of all stripes and definitely  opening my eyes to people/books I would never find anywhere else.”

“I love this bookstore!  Interesting selection of African-American books, but others as well.  Adult readers will find much to enjoy, but they also have materials for kids, teens, and young adults.  Best of all are the owners and staff–they help create a relaxed, knowledgeable vibe that always makes me look forward to coming here.  If you need assistance or a recommendation, they’re always happy to help…then smart enough to leave you alone to let you review your options.  Very cool place!”

“This place is great! Its in an interesting part of LA- tucked right off the famous Crenshaw Strip (which is known by everyone who’s seen any LA- based Black movie). This wonderful book store. The owners are great, the patrons are great (I always learn something evesdropping- I mean listening to the people talk)  and books are usually a few cents cheaper here than they are at the bigger chain stores. There are all kinds of really great businesses and restaurants all around it. They often have great book signings and are the best when it comes to finding African-American authored books. If they don’t have it, they can get it. This isn’t just a black bookstore- I bought 2 copies of the 48 Laws of Power from here for like 7 bucks!  If you’re having a really laid back, lazy Saturday afternoon but want to throw in some intellictual-tinged   stimulation, stop by here.”

“This is a great bookstore!  Everything you ever wanted to know about Africans, African Americans or by Africans and African-Americans is here.  This bookstore has a great selection of books on sale too.”

“It’s a shame that more African-Americans are not taking advantage of the internet to promote independently owned businesses such as this cultural treasure.  Esowan has usually has a great line-up of some of the most important African American writers and poets in the Nation.  The writers run the gammet from well known (Saul Williams, Octavia Butler, Walter Mosely, Eric Jerome Dickey) to lesser known writers who are doing important work. This is quite impressive since the spot is humble and small.  If you can’t find a book that you’re looking for, then you can order it from them.  If you want to support a black-owned bookstore, this is one.”

Read Esowon Bookstore’s write-up at Los Angeles Times blog for Bookstore of the Week.  And don’t forget to visit their web site or just stop by the store.

P.S.  Tell them you are Mocha Girls Read member and you will get 15% off of the book of the month.

Esowon’s Website:

Esowon’s Map:  Map Site

Eso Won Bookstore

4331 Degnan Blvd. LA, Ca.  90008   (323)290-1048

Join the link or just go to the link to see the other events people are talkin’ about.

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    I love my african american bookstores. Especially those that go beyond selling african american books and facilitate book signings and newsletters about the latest books. Enjoyed reading this post.

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