Book Puzzle Mini Challege

Read A Thon Mini Challenge

This mini challenge is from One Librarian’s Book Review.  For this challenge, you will be creating a Book Puzzle.  Essentially, this is a series of pictures, graphics, or photos that you put together that will describe a book title.  I have been doing a biweekly game called Name That Book where I create book puzzles and let people guess the titles.

So here is mine:

Guess the book title.

Can you guess what the book title is?  Want a hint?  It’s on the voting ballot for Novembers book.

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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • I cheated. I looked at the ballot. I’m still going for it because I want to show your blog some love: Be Careful What You Pray For!

    • No worries India. I’m just glad someone got it. THX for the blog love!

  • That is a good one!

  • You did really well with this challenge. Are you still hanging in there?

    • I am just getting back to it. I went out with my mom and aunt. They wanted to go shopping and I just HAD to go. LOL!! I am back now. I love your post on on the new challenge. I have finished just one book and now I am on number 2 and I have been checking out everyone else and their blogs. 🙂

  • Wow, that’s an awesome puzzle! I’d probably never have gotten it but for someone else’s guess 🙂 Thanks for playing!