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It’s a great time to be reader, especially if you love talking (or writing) about what you read. Technology has made it incredibly easy to create book related communities with people far and near. With online book clubs, sites like Goodreads and Library Thing, book blogs, and now BookTube readers can share their love of books with other readers from around the world.

What is BookTube, you ask? It refers to the slice of YouTube devoted to video blogs about books. BookTube comes in all kinds of flavors. There are videos of people discussing and analyzing books, unboxing videos, and videos commenting on the goings on in the book world. Basically if there is a topic related to books, there is probably a BookTube channel devoted to the topic. And if there isn’t – now’s your chance, create one!

This week (September 12 – 19) happens to be #diverseathon in the BookTube world. Created by Christina Marie, Monica, Joce, and Whitney, #diverseathon is a reminder of why diversity in books is so important. All week Christina Marie, Monica, Joce, and Whitney have been encouraging people to read and celebrate diversity of books. Although #diverseathon has already started it is not too late to join in the fun.

For more information about #diverseathon check out this video from Christina Marie, one of the co-hosts of the event:


Here are more interesting BookTube channels for your viewing pleasure:

Thuthug-notesg Notes

The tag line for Thug Notes is “Classic Notes, Original Gangster” and it is all kinds of awesome. Enjoy their funny delivery and insightful summaries.



Books and Big Hair BooksAndBigHair

She has big hair and loves books – what’s not to love? She also loves paper products (i.e., journals and planners) and for that reason is one my favorites.


climbthestacks Climb the Stacks

Host Ashley mostly reviews literary fiction, classic literary, and memoirs. She also has a great blog of the same name. She reviews books, gives suggestions on where to start with a particular author or genre, and much more.


Also check out BookTube News to see what else is happening in the BookTube world.

What are your favorite book channels? Let me know in the comments.

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Mocha Girl Tiffani

Blogger at Passport Books
I grew up in northern California. Since then I have lived in Boston, New York, London, and Los Angeles. Wherever I go, I am sure to bring a book for with a book I can travel anywhere in time and space. As an avid reader with eclectic tastes, I'll give just about any genre a try. Whether it is a mystery, fantasy, science fiction, romance, literary fiction, or nonfiction - bring it on. My favorite read is anything with a good story, well drawn characters, a compelling plot, or well crafted sentences – bonus if a book contains all of the above. I joined Mocha Girls I wanted to meet other African-American woman who enjoyed books and reading as much as I do. In Mocha Girl I found an amazing group of women who understand the power of a great story.
  • I love BookTube (and spend way too much time on YouTube, lol)!!! I’m subscribed to all the ones mentioned plus the following: abookutopia, Ariel Bissett, Books Beauty Amerie (yes, the singer!), Francina Simone, Heart Full of Books, Katytastic, maureenkeavy, polandbananasBOOKS, Tashapolis, and TheBookArcher.

    Amerie, Francina, and BookArcher are all POC, and Francina posts a lot on diversity.

    • Tiffani

      I am just getting into BookTube. I will have to check out all the ones you mentioned. So far Thug Notes is my favorite. What’s yours?

      • I’m not so great at picking favorites; I like all of them for different reasons. Heart Full of Books is one that I have gotten the most referrals from. polandbananasBOOKS, abookutopia, and Katytastic are very popular in the Booktube world and have connections with a lot of publishers. Thug Notes is my favorite from the article; where were these when I was in school!

  • Love this post. I have a list under the Links we Love tab of Mocha Girl Booktubers. One day I will sit down and add links to them all.

    • That would be amazing! I had no idea. I will go search for them though.

  • Chanda

    I love Thug Notes. I need to check out these other blogs.

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