Facebook Q&A: The Heart Don’t Lie

Mocha Girls, have you ever wanted to talk about a book while you were reading it?  Well, now you can.  Kinda.  Mocha Girl Classy is hosting a weekly Q&A on our Facebook page.  Every Wednesday Mocha Girl Classy will post questions and open up a discussion on our Facebook page for everyone to answer and join in.  Don’t worry she will not give away the end.  In fact, here is a reading guide to follow if you need it.

Week 1 (January 11): Pages 1-51
Week 2 (January 18): Pages 52-104
Week 3 (January 25): Pages 105-157
Week 4: (February 1): Pages 158- 208

What is this month’s book all about?


Jewels is an around-the-way girl who prides herself on being the sexiest amongst her crew. Black, is her tall, dark, and handsome lover who will do anything to protect her. She soon discovers that loving a man like Black, a drug dealer, comes with many ups and downs.
After learning of Black’s infidelities with another woman in the bed they shared, Jewels decides to get revenge by playing the field. Things take an unexpected turn and spiral out of control when she meets LaShaun, and her sexuality is tested.
Relationships are ruined and friendships are destroyed, as Jewels struggles to figure out who really has her back. She soon discovers that nothing is safe when it comes to matters of the heart.
The Heart Don’t Lie: Jewels’ Dilemma, becomes a roller coaster ride full of twists and suspense, as the unveiling of adultery, murder, sex, and drugs begin to consume Jewels’ almost perfect world.

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