Facebook Q&A: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Mocha Girls, have you ever wanted to talk about a book while you were reading it?  Well, now you can.  Kinda.  Mocha Girl Classy is hosting a weekly Q&A on our Facebook page.  Every Wednesday Mocha Girl Classy will post questions and open up a discussion on our Facebook page for everyone to answer and join in.  Don’t worry she will not give away the end.  In fact, there will be a reading guide to follow if you need it.

Here is a weekly reading guide for You Are a Badass:
Week 1: Part 1
Week 2: Part 2
Week 3: Part 3
Week 4: Part 4
Week 5: Part 5

What is this month’s book all about?


Bestselling author, speaker, and success coach Jen Sincero cuts through the din of the self-help genre with her own verbal meat cleaver. Full of blunt humor, sage advice, and the occasional swear word, You are a Badass offers its readers new opportunities for growth through 35 chapters of exercises, suggestions, and hilariously inspiring stories.

From “Fear is for Suckers” to “Your Brain is Your Bitch” these chapters provide enlightening lessons: How to stop doubting your greatness, how to love what you don’t love about yourself, and how to tap into source energy to live a bigger life than you’ve ever imagined.

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