From Mocha Girl Alexis: Updates, Reminders, and Miracles

Updates & Reminders

We are still gearing up for the Black History Month Hop hosted by myself and Mocha Girls Read.  Some people have expressed interest in participating but don’t have books by African American authors to read and review.  We completely understand and feelings along this sentiment are part of the reasons for this hop.

Looking for some books by African American authors?  Try Mohogany Books and Goodreads for ideas.

Check out this post for more information about the hop and tell us about your interest levels.

So far 15 blogs are signed up for the Giveaway Blog Hop.  Click here to join.

Don’t forget, participants will be entered in giveaways for each week they participate.  We can’t wait!  We know this will be an informative and fun week.


Fortunately, this blog has been running itself this week.  Tuesday, I received a phone call letting me know that my baby brother had been in a car accident.  Turns out, he was hit by an 18 wheeler.  If you want to hear more about this 2012 miracle, you can click here for the back story. and here for pictures of his car (I’ve never seen anything like this in my life).  His survival is a true miracle.

So…I’m hanging out in ICU, praying, and feeling blessed.

I just had to share this post with all of you!  Click here to go to her blog and send some love!  REFLECTIONS OF A BOOKAHOLIC.

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