Getting Ready for Turkey Day (Pt.2)

Yep!  We are back on Thanksgiving cooking and cookbooks.  As I am sitting here eating tuna and crackers (my lunch of choice) a really good-looking chef is on TV talking about “Sides”.  The turkey is great but it’s about all the extra sides that put Thanksgiving dinner over the top.  Some of the sides that show up on my families table are stuffing (of course), green beans, (mom’s famous) corn, salad (but no one touches it), bread (dinner rolls), yams, and greens.

But the chef on The Talk, Todd English (did I mention he is good-looking) introduced a Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese.  That sounds like a meal all by itself.  Why would you need anything to go with that?  Maybe a glass of wine.  His recipes for sides are in his new cookbook called Cooking in Everyday EnglishI have never ever made Mac and Cheese.  I know it is a “must know” for black women but I grew up in a household who don’t eat cheese.  I like it now and the more stuff on it, with it and in it, I love!

Check out the video clip from the show.  I might try this one day but on Thanksgiving that might be wayyy to heavy and a food coma would hit me before dessert is even served.  LOL!!    VIDEO CLIP FROM THE TALK

The cook book from the show is called Cooking in Everyday English by Chef Todd English and here is his picture ladies! 

I told you he was a hottie!  A man who is good-looking and can cook… wow!!  The bad news is… he is married!  Back to food…

What sides are you making to go with your turkey?  What are your all time favorite sides?

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