Getting Ready for Turkey Day

As you know the holiday season is coming up on us quick and in a hurry.  As of today, there are 9 days left until Thanksgiving.  Yep, less than 10 days to get your guest list confirmed, table centerpieces ordered, silverware cleaned and of course the grocery shopping done. Not to mention all that cooking.  If you have no plans at all for hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner you still need to find or make something to bring with you.  Because showing up empty-handed is ok with some folks but just to be on the safe side bring a small contribution to the dinner.

At my folks house there will be about 20 people and every year I am on the coffee (really my sister’s job), dessert, table decor, and clean up detail.  To make it easy on me and so no one has to hear me whine and complain, I get nice plastic silverware and plates.  A pre-made centerpiece, and the dessert from a local cheesecake shop makes my job list fly by.  But this year I am thinking about making dessert.  Something fun and tasty is my first plan since my family is all about dessert and coffee before seconds.

For the next couple of days we will be talking about cookbooks.  Not just any cookbooks but holiday cookbooks to get you ready for the big dinners ahead.  Let’s get started…with dessert.  Since we are all adults here we can have dessert before dinner! Heheheee!

costco cookbookDon’t laugh but the dessert book I think I am going to try is one that has been in my kitchen forever!!  Favorite Recipes: The Costco Way.  Yes, that Costco!  And yes, they have a recipe book. No, they are not telling you to buy the mega family pack of cupcakes.  These are real recipes.

On page 191, there is a recipe for Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Wontons.  That is so perfect for me.  One, chocolate.  Two, fried and three, chocolate.  Enough said!  The recipe looks easy too.  All you need is:

Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Wontons


16 Wonton wrappers

1 egg, beaten

1 cup of Nutella

2 bananas cut in 1/3 in slices

Vegetable Oil

Confectioners’ sugar

Mint leaves and berries for garnish

Now I think I can manage that with a scoop of vanilla!  And it would be a nice change of pace.  But knowing my family they would need the ice cream and a sweet potato pie on the side.

What holiday desserts are you going to make?  Or buy?  Do you have any dessert cookbook recommendations?

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  • Baking desserts – what fun! Even better – getting to eat as much of it as you want for having worked so hard on it! 😉 Happy baking!

  • Good luck with that recipe. It does look good. I don’t do much cooking so I’ve put in my request for Sweet Potato Pie. I will be making some pig in the blankets and apple pie moonishine from some recipes I saw on Wendy Williams though.

    • Apple pie moonshine? What’s in it? You have to send me that recipe. Never heard of that one!

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