Glorifying Your Awkward Black Girl

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With so many things that would be considered ‘awkward’ to the naked eye, lets uplift the things that make us beautiful. Let’s dive in and define for ourselves  on how we can uplift our awkwardness, or what us Mocha Girls define as beauty.

In this month’s book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl strategically yet, transparently discusses body acceptance, struggling with weight, embracing tomboy tendencies, being an introvert and not fitting in at 9-to-5 jobs. Lets take a look at a few remedies for the thing that may haunt you the most.


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Let Goo Dress You

Goo Goo Atkins is a culmination of ideas, inspirations, and visions from celebrity stylist Thomasina “Goo GooAtkins. Her signature “sass with class” style and eradicated the age-old idea that women of faith could not also exhibit a modern and trendy style.

Her trademark has been working mostly with curvy women whom ordinarily in the entertainment business would feel ‘awkward’ about their sense of style and confidence. Even through social media, she highlights the very best of women who have inner beauty. Get inspired by women built and shaped like you – no matter the size.





tasha smith actors workshop


A great way to work on being less than an introvert is to insert yourself in environments that you’d normally shy away from; WHY? Because someone once said, the only way to grow is to stretch. Conquer territory unseen to unlock your hidden treasures; a great way to do that is to join a local actors workshop or improv class.

Meet actress Tasha Smith of Tasha Smith Actors Studio. She created an interactive environment for aspiring actors and actresses to blossom. You don’t have to want to be in entertainment to utilize this tool. Any and everyone looking to break out of their shell is welcome to attend.







Patricia Hayling Price President of liveworkstrategize LLC

Life Coaching

Tired of feeling stuck or down in the dumps about your career? Step your game up with a career coach. Patricia Hayling Price is President of Live Work Strategize LLC, an executive coaching and leadership development consulting practice supporting individuals and organizations wishing to reach higher levels of effectiveness and reward.

Having a mentor or a little guidance professionally could prove positive results and reinforcements for oneself. A little help along the way isn’t an idea for amateurs, it’s brainstorming for those open to branching out.


With so much pressure to be ‘perfect’ or the epitome of societies perceptions, we all must consciously tap into the very best of ourselves and sometimes it requires the assistance from those around us.



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