Happy 6th Book Club Birthday Mocha Girls Read!

Happy Birthday, Mocha Girls!

6 years old and you all don’t look a day over 2.  LOL!

6 years ago, I started a little book club with 12 women in Inglewood, Ca. with no idea that it would grow to several chapters online and in person.  WOW!  Who knew!?

This month in celebration of our 6 year anniversary there will be giveaways popping up on this webssite.  Yes you are getting presents.  Just enter below.


One winner will get:  A copy of any book we read this year.


Leave a comment below and let us know why you are a Mocha Girl!

Ends Sunday 10/15/17

Check back for more giveaways!


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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • Lea M. Jones

    Im a Mocha girl because i love being able to discuss and interpret the work of fabulous authors and not so fabulous authors with my sistas.

  • Wanda Johnson

    I’m a mochagirl, and I wanted to commmect with other mocha girls who read! We do exist!!

  • BwnSknLdy

    I’m a mocha girl because I love reading and being a part of a community that is consistently spotlighting great authors across many genres! So many books to read and never enough time! 🙃

  • Bernie

    I am a mocha girl and love being one because I love reading. Listening to the opinions of other avid readers about what we have read, as well as sharing my own thoughts is a plus. I learn a lot through the discussions and look at some situations differently because of them.

  • Chanda

    I love Mocha Girls because of the positive energy. I love being around other women who look like me who love to read. I also love that we are a community.