Happy Birthday Black Chick Lit! Giveaway


Happy One Year Completed Birthday to Black Chick Lit Podcast!

Yes, a year ago two black women, friends, bookish chicks started a podcast.  Who are these two bookish women?  Well, here is a tidbit from their blog page…

Dani (DL) reads because she’s too poor to do much else. She studied journalism at the University of Missouri, so really, what did she expect? She’s sick of YA but will devour some Harlequin novels. She’s a producer of digital content and she lives in St. Louis. Find her on Twitter at @Dani_Lacey.

At various points in her life, Mollie (EM) has been called a bibliophile, an “Advanced Reader”, and a bookworm. She is a former English major who loves footnotes and compendiums; and her name appears on the Nanowrimo bulk-email list. She lives in Southern California. Find her on Twitter at @em__dash1.

So to help them celebrate, we thought we will host a giveaway here at Mocha Girls Read.  You wanna know what the prizes are I bet.  Well one luck winner will recieve a …*drumroll*

$5.00 Amazon Gift Code (emailed to you)


A Copy of Queen Sugar

Why Queen Sugar? Well, listen to the latest podcast and you will see.

Click their logo to go to the latest podcast.

Now to win you must enter the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck and Happy Birthday Black Chick Lit!


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  • jo stinson

    thank you for the chance the postcast was so fun 😉

  • Jessica

    Enjoyed the podcast, will be back!

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