Welcome Mocha Girls!

Welcome to the beginning of a new blog, book club and making new friends.

On the far right side you will find a section titled PAGES. In the Pages you will find an ABOUT section telling you who we are and what we are about. There is a section for BOOK CLUB MEETINGS Here you will find information about the next meeting (time and location) and of course what we are reading. Next there is CHIT CHAT. OK, sistas we are going to keep this section for book and member information only. If you want to find out what Kim Kardashian is wearing… it won’t be here. LOL! 🙂

The next section is JOIN US. All women are welcome to join us in reading and meeting. Just go to this page and find out how. LINKS WE LIKE is self-explanatory. If you would like to have your business or blog on our Links page email us.

The coolest part of this blog is the MOCHA GIRL’S BOOK. On this page we get to see what you are reading. Just follow the instructions at the top of the page to have a picture of you and your book posted. Add a little note to it so we can put a caption with it.

A new inspirational book will be featured and reviewed on the first Sunday of each month on the page FIRST SUNDAY. While MONDAY’S MEMORY will feature a book from one of the Mocha’s Girls past. Whether it’s an inspirational book or a book from you childhood, send us an email and we will have post it to the blog.

Stay in touch by following us on Facebook and/or Twitter or just have the RSS feed to your homepage.

Looking forward to reading and meeting you all!

Mocha Girl Alysia

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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
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