How To Tackle Your New Years Resolution


Ever wonder why resolutions are only taken seriously in large waves this time of year but then left by the wayside mid march? As you welcome 2015 with the attempt to tackle a few life changing goals, remember, a resolution isn’t just about the goal, it’s about the effort.

In a passage from Grant Cardone, his book entitled The 10X Rule  he says,







1) Make initial list of goals.

2) List actions that will propel you in that direction.

3) Without over-thinking it – start  to take those actions.


Staying committed to your goals are directly tied to management of time and effort. As we are making our personal and professional wish lists, we must actively carve out time to accommodate not only our list but efforts. There are 186 hours in a week, and based on a typical 40-hour work week the average employee is only productive 37.5 hours of those.


If the average individual spends 22.3 percent of their available time at work, 33.3 percent asleep, and then 16.6 percent in front of a TV or online, the imbalance  always occur when you don’t do enough with the time you have. Assuming you  spend the entire 37.5 hours working, trading 1-2 hours of your TV or online time to commit to items on your resolution will prove to be time well spent.

Effort is defined as a vigorous or determined attempt. The great thing about effort is that its an action we control; effort is measured by the time and action we choose to dedicate to it. So this year while you’re adding pleasantries to your resolution list lets add the types of effort you could make to the list also:



1) Jot down what you’d need to do or people to be involved with that will help you see that goal through (i.e. the goal is to make more money? The effort would be to to list how many streams of income your capable of achieving – things you are good at that would result in making money; then going after those things). This is a separate list.

2) Set aside a specific hour each day until that hour becomes a habit to work on the goal (i.e. research, calls, signing up, attending something)

3) Be committed to the time you set aside. If you set your alarm for 730pm, then sit down every day for that hour until you actually start working through the hour. Being committed starts with discipline; it has to be relearned.


Be more aware about utilizing every moment of the day. Get your family and friends on a schedule that allows you to do the things that are a priority to and for yourself. Remember, life isn’t about what’s happening around you; it’s about how you decide to live your life.


Live your life with intention.



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