I Love To Read Month

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February is considered I Love To Read Month for many schools across the country to celebrate and promote reading and literacy.  Because we are Mocha Rockstars, this month is a great way to share all of our fun on a pint-sized level – with the little ones in our lives.

As an adult reader and proud library card holder, the journey for loving books wasn’t always consistent; sometimes the love would come in waves of inspiration, what your peers are reading and simply excuses to escape from daily anxiety. To keep the literacy excitement going, here are a few ideas to increase ones outlook on loving to read. Who knows, we might find a bit of excitement in these projects ourselves.


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Here’s to a full month of reading! 10 book reading ideas:

Reading camp-out – Set up tents in the living-room. Kids can bring in their sleeping bags and read by flashlight.

Pajama party – Kids can wear their pajamas, and their favorite slippers or socks. They can bring in blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals.

Olympics party – Have the children set reading goals and give out gold, silver, and bronze medals; ones filled with chocolate isn’t a bad idea.

Leaders of readers – Take a photograph of each adult member reading a favorite book and enlarge the photos. Put the photos on a wall under the heading “Leaders of Readers.” Then take pictures of the students doing the same thing (not enlarged) and place their photos on an adjoining wall under the caption “Look Who’s Also READING!!”

 Adopt a book – Family members adopt a favorite book and / or author. This book can be honored as the families’s book to be read and enjoyed by all.

Parent’s story time – Parents share’s a favorite story, or visits the classroom to continue reading the class book. Other important people can also share favorite books. i.e., custodian, secretary, food helpers, etc.

Make buttons – Each child could design a button advertising their favorite book. Like a candidate, the child could tell why they chose that book and ‘defend it.’ Share these buttons with other family members.

Design a certificate that entitles the bearer to ask someone to read them a story.

Door book cover contest – Have a house contest where the doors in the home are decorated as book covers.

Book Raffle – Each family member buys a book under a dollar amount, genre, page count and exchange/gift them to one another.


What book reading ideas are you using in your home?


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