I Won!!

Holie!  Molie!  I just won the first prize in the Read A Thon.  I was just logging in to let them know I completed my first book and I saw my name on the winners list.  WOW!!  6:30am and I am done with the Strawberry Letter and getting a new book in the mail.  LOVE THAT!!!  This Read A Thon is the best.

What did I win?  Well, the list of prizes to choice from was long but one things stuck out the most.  A $20.00 Amazon book gift card (of course!  I am the gift card queen).  WOW!!  This is too cool!

I would like to thank God, my mom and dad for teaching me to read.  I want to thank my Mocha Girls for letting me post crazy blog post at 6:30am.  Thank you to the folks at Dewey’s 24 Hour Read A Thon for this amazing moment.  And to Shirley Strawberry for having an easy read book with tons of gossip in it to keep me up.

Soo sorry about that but it’s 6:30am!  ♥Mocha Girl Alysia♥


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