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Indian culture have had some of the most revered fabrics and traditional style of dress. In the past decade, the Indian culture has diversified its way of approaching style, but not at the expense of their culture. With 29 states, India reflects diverse influences represented by every state; they all have a different flavor, a unique culture and a distinct valuable craft.  Indians have mainly worn clothing made up of locally grown cotton. India was the one of the first places where cotton was cultivated and because of it, clothing changed a lot throughout its history.



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India is a country with an ancient clothing design tradition, yet an emerging fashion industry. Though a handful of designers existed prior to the 1980s, the late 80s and the 1990s saw a spurt of growth. The following decades firmly established fashion as an the industry, across India. The perspective has shifted from designers to trendsetters. Natives across the country are now being looked at as some of the most stylish. Could it be the infusion of culture and trend or just an innate appreciation for the construction of garments?

Either way, India is a country to watch!


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