Indie Author Giveaway Hop!

That’s right everyone!  Another Giveaway!

Welcome to stop number 86.  Thanks so much to Kathy (currently recovering from breaking her leg) at I AM A READER NOT A WRITER and KRAZY BOOK LADY for hosting this hop.

What can you win?  Well, there are 3 books this time.  Just scroll on down and fill out the rafflecopter form for the book you would like to win.  Two of them are e-books, so those are open to everyone.  The other one is for US only.  Thanks!  And good luck to you all.  When you are done, click on the next blog on the list and hop on!

Please be patient as the rafflecopter forms loads.

If I Had My Way by Lena Sledge  If I Had My Way is a collection of ten short stories. Some are surprising and some are subtle. This splendid collection of short stories begins with Sunshine. A story of a young girl coming into her own as a young woman on her graduation day. Tandrin Drive is the tragic tale of a dysfunctional family of women trying to escape their dark past. Journey is a story with the theme of poetic justice at its core. A teenage boy who has been given more chances than he deserves but may find it’s too late to get the one last chance he desperately wants. The story Thirst, is a tale of romance and longing. It is humorous and romantic and will leave readers yearning for more. Match Maker is a story of a young friendship built on the foundation of courage and trust. Five Minutes is the story of Niceta, a young woman fighting for her freedom as she tries to escape the life she is trapped in with her two young children. If you ever had a feeling that someone was lying, then you will be able to relate to Poison Ivy, a story about a young girl who senses when something just isn’t right. The story Substitute is a compelling story about two brothers who both empathize with the plight of each other for different reasons. It’s heartfelt and shows the lengths that brothers will go to to keep a loved one happy. A love story, titled Love, is indicative of loving someone through good and bad times, ups and down. Unseen is the last story in the collection, about a two women, vying for the affection of one man’s attention and devotion. For the wife, it’s hard to compete when the woman she’s up against is her mother-in-law. These ten short stories are also available individually. a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don’t Do What We Did! A Conversation About Online Dating With an Ex-Not-Quite Couple Who Met on the Internet  Michelle Y. Talbert and Ricardo Kingsbury met online a week before Valentine’s Day. They celebrated Valentine’s Day together, had a whirlwind love affair, and by Easter were asking, “what just happened?” Well, they dusted themselves off, realized that collectively they have almost 20 years of online dating experience and that they must be doing something wrong…maybe. At 41, they are both twice married, yet remain single, more importantly, hopeful, that they’ll find and keep true love. In this book they share their story and the stories of others who have used online dating for one purpose, or another. It’s a tongue-in-cheek helpful guide. Find out the five top things you should do for safety on a first date; the three things you should NEVER do in your profile picture; and more! a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Secret of the Scarlet Stone (an Paranormal / Urban Fantasy Novel (Gabby Girls Adventure Series #1))  The Adventure Begins……My name is Gabrielle Martin. And before I discovered that the scarlet pendant I received on my thirteenth birthday was not just any ordinary pendant but a crazy weird talisman and lifeline to my supernatural powers; the only major thing that I cared about was starting my freshman year at Vineswell Academy. But that was way before finding out that everything that I had known about my life was a lie….essentially smoke-and-mirrors designed to hide the truth about my powerful supernatural legacy.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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