Let’s Nominate a Book for May

159084950Mocha Girls Read members it’s that time to pick a new book for the month of May.  The theme for May’s book nominations will be…Mystery/Thriller by a Male Author! Since we have only read books by female authors so far we should give the men folks a shot at it too.

*Note:  If you are nominating a book in a series then only Book #1 is allowed.  And all nominations should be published in e-book and physical form.*

Nominations are from 4/6/15 – 4/12/15

For selecting our book of the month Mocha Girls Read uses a democratic system for our monthly selections. What do I need to do? In the comments section below, tell us what you want to read next (author and title).  How many books can I nominate? Just pick 1 title off your TBR (to be read) list. Then what? We will put the list of nominations up for everyone to vote on.  Once the voting is over, the winner will be selected as the book for May. What if there is a tie? We will put the two books to a head to head competition. The two books will be re-posted and everyone will be able to vote again but only in a 48 hour window of time. When do the nominations start and end? The nominations start today and will close on April 12, 2015 at midnight.  Voting will start the next day.

Let us know what you want to read next in the comment section below. You can also email your nominations to us at mochagirl@email.com.

If you need some suggestions check out the books below.  Click on the covers to read more about them.

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  • V Taylor

    I nominate NATCHEZ BURNING by Greg Iles (just released in paperback).

    • This is book #4 in the series. Would you like to nominate The Quiet Game book #1 in the series? Thanks

      • V Taylor

        Although technically book #4 in this series, it is possible to read it without reading the previous three books. This storyline is something that women of color may particularly appreciate.

  • bianca watts

    The concrete blond by Michael connelly

    • The Black Echo is book #1 in this series. Would you like to nominate that one? We would like to have book #1 nominated so everyone is not jumping into the middle of a series.

      • bianca watts

        Ok cool I got you and see where you are coming from I just nominated it. Thanks again alysia my mind was somewhere else at the time lol

  • Classy Green

    The Man in My Basement – Walter Mosley

  • ReGina Newkirk

    I vote for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

  • Jo’ie D. Taylor

    I would like to nominate The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

    • Classy Green

      Jo’ie – I was torn between voting for this book and my Walter Mosley pick. So many good selections this month. I just saw someone nominated Odd Thomas too.

      • Jo’ie D. Taylor

        Agreed. This has been on my to read list forever and your Walter Mosley nomination. Excited to see what we will be reading next month.

    • Thank you Mocha Girl Jo’ie! Your nomination is in.

  • Cammie Richardson

    I’ll like to nominate ODD THOMAS by Dean Koontz

  • Deirdra Jones-Bennett

    Fake ID by Lamar Giles

  • Korinthia Miller

    The Last Policeman by Ben Winters

  • KC

    The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter

    In his triumphant fictional debut, Stephen Carter combines a large-scale, riveting novel of suspense with the saga of a unique family. The Emperor of Ocean Park is set in two privileged worlds: the upper crust African American society of the Eastern seabord—families who summer at Martha’s Vineyard—and the inner circle of an Ivy League law school.

    Talcott Garland is a successful law professor, devoted father, and husband of a beautiful and ambitious woman, whose future desires may threaten the family he holds so dear. When Talcott’s father, Judge Oliver Garland, a disgraced former Supreme Court nominee, is found dead under suspicioius circumstances, Talcott wonders if he may have been murdered.

  • Heather

    by Nick Harkaway

  • A Boyd

    I would like to nominate The Last Days of Ptolemy by Walter Mosely

  • Tynika

    I nominate Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

  • Tara Davis

    The Quickie by James Patterson

  • bianca watts

    The black echo by Michael connelly

  • Cynthia

    I can’t wait to see which book gets the most votes…so many excellent nominations.