Mango Season: It’s a Contest!

MAngo Eating contest6

Summers and mangoes go hand in hand as mango make India’s summers extremely tasty. One of Delhi’s most popular events is the International Mango Festival which celebrates everything about the King of all tropical fruits, ‘Mango’. The International Mango Festival is held every year at the Delhi Haat Pitampura in Delhi. Hosted by Delhi Tourism in alliance with the Delhi Government, this festival aims to showcase the specialities of mangoes from different states of India.

Many other mango festivals are also held in other countries…


MAngo Eating contest

“Mango is indeed India’s gift to the world,” said Gokul Patnaik of the Commerce Ministry, whose job is to sell as many as possible abroad. The mango has been an integral part of India’s diet and life for at least 4,000 years.  There are over 1100 varieties of mangoes and some rare species of the sumptuous fruit. In India, mangoes are simultaneously a part of history, culture, mythology and religion–and a big, thriving business.

According to Patnaik, the Commerce Ministry’s salesman, the mango’s motherland accounts for about two-thirds of current global production. In the 12 months ending in April, India exported 21,000 tons of fresh whole fruit and 33,000 tons of mango pulp for sauces, yogurt flavoring and tropical fruit juice, earning the country more than $34 million.

Mango eating contest are held around the world.

Take a look at a traditional Mango Eating Contest in India:



Take a look at a traditional Mango Eating Contest in St. Croix:


Take a look at a traditional Mango Eating Contest in Baragatan sa Palawan:

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