MGR Reading Challenge: 2017 Book Bingo!

Welcome to the new Mocha Girls Read Reading Challenge for 2017.  

The previous years we have had a spell it out challenge where everyone had to spell out “Mocha Girls Read 16”.  But this year we are going to change it completely and do Book Bingo!  It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to make a reading resolution.  For 2017 we are going to do what Mocha Girls do.  We are going to read a wide range of books this year.  That is what this book club does.

What is Book Bingo? 

Have you played Bingo?  Welllll….Same thing.  Pick a square and read a book that fits the theme of that square.  When you complete two lines, whether it’s a straight line or a diagonal line then you have a bingo.

~ The Rules ~

  • Audiobook, E-books and physical books count.
  • One book per square
  • At the end of April, you must check in here and post your reads.
  • Books must be read from January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017
  • Authors, no reading your own book, please.
  • Must complete 2 lines.  (Any combination of lines is a bingo)
  • No signing up needed.  Just check in from April 30 to May 6

During the four months, we will post books suggestions for you to check out if you are having difficulties finding a book to fit a few of the squares.

This card is good from January 1 to April 30, 2017.  There will be a new card after that.

~ The Prize ~

You will win a mystery book.  One book will be shipped to you and the title will not be revealed until you open it.

~ 1st Bingo Card ~

Click the card to download and print it if you need to.

Good Luck and check back to get suggestions on what to read to win.




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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • This looks not only challenging but a lot of fun, thanks!

  • AcaraJ

    I love this idea. Looks fun! Plus I like that this round only lasts 4 months. Forces me to jump on it right away and not procrastinate.

  • Bernie

    I like the challenges. I don’t know how to find books that were authored by Mocha Girls Read members. I will definitely need suggestions for this category.

  • Bernie

    After querying this site I was able to find 2 MochaGirlsRead authors.

  • Kendra Nunnelly

    I will definitely try this challenge! I was in a huge reading slump most of 2016.

  • K Books

    I will definitely try this challenge! I was in a huge reading slump most of 2016.

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  • This sounds like fun! Count me in!

  • Markita @SweshFit

    Love this! I’m in.

  • Lisa

    I’m game! 😉

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  • pennyo

    A great idea and really fun!

  • ReGina Newkirk

    I’m definitely in – this should be interesting!

  • Tina Greene

    Awesome idea! Sounds fun!

  • Valarie Jackson

    Need a little help with Main character is POC and is travels. Maybe I’m just a little slow on the jump. Thanks!

    • Main character is a PERSON OF COLOR and the other was a typo. Main character travels.

      • Valarie Jackson

        Thanks I figured out POC shortly after my brain caught up with my fingers.

  • Maxine B. Baker

    That is 8 books by the end of April?

  • Rose Barnett

    This looks very fun, but too hard. I’m too particular about what I read (like no romance and I read a lot of non-fiction)… so I’ll have to sit this out. GREAT creative idea! I really like Mocho Girls but haven’t been able to participate much yet 🙁

    • Mocha Girl Rose. Join us at a meeting. You can participate even if you don’t read the book. Honest!!! What city are you in?

  • JoJo Rogers

    Love this! Getting started now…

  • Bernie

    Can the book “the seven year dress” be used for the books that start with “7”?

  • Tosha

    Although I’m late I plan on doing this challenge starting today.

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  • Miccaela Montague

    Fun! Do graphic novels count?

  • ReGina Newkirk

    For the first Bingo challenge, I have my books linked to the post, but do I need to submit a copy of the Bingo card or state which books are for which squares?

    • ReGina Newkirk

      Never mind; I got it.

  • Karee Norton-Stafford

    Where do I go to check in for the Bingo Challenge? Should I make my list here? Thanks!

  • Lisa

    BINGO!!! I know I’m late, but I let the check-in date pass. :-/ On to the next one. 😉

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