Mocha Girls Read Banned Books 2016

This month’s theme is Banned Books. As it is every September. But why do we read a banned book? And what is the big deal? Banned books are a real thing. Organizations are petitioning libraries and schools to remove books from their shelves and children’s reading list. Books for children, teens as well as adults are in their cross hairs. No book is safe! Not even…The Bible.


Members of the Nazi Youth participate in burning books, Buecherverbrennung, in Salzburg, Austria, on April 30, 1938. The public burning of books that were condemned as un-German, or Jewish-Marxist was a common activity in Nazi Germany. (AP Photo) #

One month a year, the American Library Association (ALA) along with the book community as a whole (publishers, book clubs, bloggers and more) do just the opposite.  We (yes I said we) take a stand and buy, read and talk about these books in question.  We defend our right to read.

Below are 6 videos of Mocha Girls talking about Banned Books and what it means to them.  Hear what they are saying and remember a book you love could be banned one day too.
Books with B (Mocha Girl B)

Mocha Girl Sabrina

Mocha Girl Whoopi

Mocha Girl Chistina

Mocha Girl Janae

Mocha Girl Shanna

Mocha Girl Roberta

What do you think? Tell us about your view on Banned Books? What book do you love that is on the banned book list? How many banned books have you read?


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  • Mocha Girl B made me want to read a Toni Morrison book!

  • meredithfl

    I don’t think any book should be banned. Parental guidance in choosing a book is better, but we need books that will open conversations!

  • pennyo

    Only a few books should be banned – those that are hate crimes.

  • Jan

    I can’t believe books that are true stories are banned. That’s like saying your life is banned because of what you went through. That’s just unacceptable!

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