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Hey Mocha Girls!

I am thrilled to announce a fun project for our creative Mocha Girls! Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) we will feature a new artist on our website with the artwork they created for our group! The artwork can be an interesting logo, or any design that perfectly captures the essence of Mocha Girls Read: dope women of color who love books!

We have already picked our Winter 2017 designer, Brittany Moore!

Artist Brittany Moore

Moore is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. She draws inspiration from the world around her and the universe that surrounds us all. Check out some of her recent projects at You can also give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook @britkamocreative, on Twitter @britkamo, and on Tumblr @handmadepixels.

She created this logo for Mocha Girls Read, and the merchandise can be found on our Zazzle page.


Photo credit: Brittany Moore


If there is any Mocha Girl that is interested in being our Spring 2018 designer, please let us know! You can email me at


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