Monday’s Memory for December 12, 2011

Happy Monday Ladies!  Wheewww!!! What a weekend?  Uncle’s b-day dinner, Philly’s first book club meeting, Gift Card Hop (I entered all 113 of them), completing the website outline for the month of December and February.  And I did some reading of course.  My personal goal for December is to finish all the books on my “not finished reading list.”  I have a bad habit of not finishing books if I lose interest.  Currently, I am reading three books at the moment.  Then when I jump on the plan to visit the family for Christmas I will have just the book of the month with me and on my mind.

So this Monday’s Memory is a book we allllll know well.  A children’s holiday book that was made into a movie.  The title alone says it all.  Check out this Monday’s Memory. 

Did you ever read this book?  Do you have a story about this book you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments section below?  Give us your review, thoughts and memories on this Monday’s book.  If you have a recommendation for a Monday’s Memory feel free to contact us at

♥Happy Monday!♥

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  • I love this book! It so takes me back to our lovely miserable Christmas’s thanks to one such grinch who lived in our home.

  • Sounds like you had one of my kind of weekends. Full. I can’t believe you entered all the giveaways. Well, I can but it’s so time consuming. I once entered 450 giveaways on a hop. I won a poster. :-/ Hopefully, you will win several gift cards. 🙂

    • It wasn’t so bad. I broke it up into several days. LOL! That makes it easier!

  • thetravelingreader

    I like your blog’s theme. It looks clean and elegant. 🙂

    And woe to me since I haven’t read the book you featured on your Monday’s Memory meme. I know, I know. How could I have gone through childhood without it. Hehe
    But will check out that book as soon as I get the chance. 🙂