Monday’s Memory For November 21, 2011

Dinner is ready!

Happy Monday Ladies!  Yesterday, my mom and I were sitting at the dinner table getting the Thanksgiving dinner lists together.  Yes, lists!  The first list was for the head count.  That list is always family, family friends, as well as my friends and my sisters friends my mom calls her kids.  And their kids too!  Needless to say this list is way over  20 people.  The second list is for the food.  Who is bringing what and what is needed.  This year, I will be doing desserts and drinks.  Hopefully, that would be enough to leave my sister with clean up.  🙂  Fingers crossed!  So this Monday’s Memory is about a children’s book (and TV special) about Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving dinner.  I know the photo had you scratching your head.  How does a few slices of toast, popcorn, jelly beans, and pretzel sticks fit in with Thanksgiving?  Click Here to see!  And if that doesn’t help click here to see the video.

Give us your review, thoughts and memories on this Monday’s book.  If you have a recommendation for a Monday’s Memory feel free to contact us at

♥Happy Monday!♥

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