Monday’s Memory for November 28, 2011


This Monday just happens to fall on the official 3 month of Mocha Girls Read existence.  Can you believe it has been three months already?  So with no further ado here are the numbers.  Get ready to have you socks blown off.  Kinda!

Website Followers 29 to 44

Facebook Likes 91 to 140

Twitter Followers 221 to 322

Meetup Members 63 to 115

Good Reads Members 44 to 78

Book Blog Friends 26 to 36

Hits on the site to date 3,804 to 7,517

That is so crazy!  In a good way of course.  Thank you all for joining in on this journey and adventure of reading and meeting new like-minded Mocha Girls.  I love seeing the new friendships coming from this group of amazing women.

So to keep in the spirit of numbers the children’s book I will be posting up for today’s Monday Memory is all about Numbers too.

Did you ever read this book?  Do you have a story about this book you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments section below?  Give us your review, thoughts and memories on this Monday’s book.  If you have a recommendation for a Monday’s Memory feel free to contact us at

♥Happy Monday!♥

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  • I read this book when I was a kid. The only memory I can think of, in addition the entire collection my parents collected for us, is how I enjoyed the limericks. ‘Greeen Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop…or was that Mom hop on Pop…can’t recall but do recall this possibly being my introduction to rhymes that didn’t ring off as ‘corny’. (note: that was back then. No telling how I might feel if I peek back on those books now;-)

  • Oh! Almost forgot! CONGRATULATIONS on those numbers!

    • Congrats to you!! 38 Meetup members and most of them are RSVP’ed! WOW!!

  • Congrats!! Such growth is exciting.

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