Monday’s Memory for October 17, 2011

Good afternoon Mocha Girls!  Did you have a great and relaxing weekend?  Did you get your nails done?  Did you start a new book this weekend?  Or finish one up?

As you can see I took some time off from posting items on the blog to rest and relax but mostly spend time hanging out.  Saturday was great because I got to fall wayyyy of my diet at The Taste of Soul.  I loved it!  There were a ton of people there and a million food vendors from all over LA.  There was catfish, hot wings, Jamaican food, banana pudding, peach cobbler, and a ton of other yummy items all with Naughty by Nature on stage.  (My poor protein shake is not looking so good any more).

Now for today’s Monday’s Memory.   I want to keep the theme of food going.  So what childhood book do you remember about food?  Any guesses?  Hummmm!  Click on MONDAY’S MEMORY and see the children’s book from way back in the day that is still a hit.

Give us your review, thoughts and memories on this Mondays book.  If you have a recommendation for a Monday’s Memory feel free to contact us at

♥Happy Monday!♥

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  • Angela

    Man! This was my first Dr. Seuss book, and I remember it so well! My mother was a member of some book club (maybe Good Housekeeping, or something like that). I remember how I would watch Mommy fill out an order form, write a check (how vintage!), and have her envelope ready for the mailman. I learned early to expect great surprises from the mailman! Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” was the beginning of my delight with rhyme; my brother, sister, and I memorized the sing-song rhymes. We would reading them over and over again. And eagerly waiting for the next delivery. Ahhhh, sweet memories!

    • Angela: I know what you mean. I loved this book too because it was funny. I think my mom even made Green Eggs for us once.

  • What a trip down memory lane! This is definitely one of the first books I remember reading. I havent read it in quite some times, but it is a definite childhood staple! I’ll definitely be reading the Dr. Seuss collection to my children. I love the word play and nonsense words he uses throughout the collection, definitely helps to foster a sense of creativity and imagination!

    <3 it!!