Monday’s Memory for October 23, 2011

Happy Monday Ladies!  How was your weekend?  I know a lot of you had busy weekends with the Read A Thon and the Circle of Promise for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Congratulations to all of you for showing up and supporting one or both activities.  Since next week is Halloween, did you get your costume already?  What are you going to be?  Are you going to dress up at all?  Or are you leaving it to the kids?

This Monday’s Memory is a scary book for kids.  Well, more like a series of scary books for kids.  Any guesses?  Hummmm!  Click on MONDAY’S MEMORYand see the children’s book that is still a hit.

Give us your review, thoughts and memories on this Mondays book.  If you have a recommendation for a Monday’s Memory feel free to contact us at

♥Happy Monday!♥


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  • April

    OMG! I was ADDICTED to those books as a kid! Loved them! I used to sneak a flashlight under the covers and read them at night when I was supposed to go to bed.

  • HAHAHAAA!! I did the same with Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume. LOL!! Those were the days. Flashlights, under the covers and a book. 🙂

  • I have been a scary cat for as long as I could remember! lol I couldnt read the books, but I vaguely remember them being specials on Nickelodeon or Disney and watching them with my little brother. I was really into Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume, Wayside High and Roald Dahl though, lol! Ahhh the memories I really <3 these Monday Memories!!

    • I still can’t read scary books. I think Dean Koontz is as scary as I can get.