Nominate A Book for the Month of April


Mocha Girls Read members it’s that time to pick a new book for the month of April.  The theme for April’s book nominations will be…Poetry! (A book of Poems.) 

*Note:  If you are nominating a book in a series then only Book #1 is allowed.  And all nominations should be published in e-book and physical form.*

Nominations are from 3/9/14 – 3/15/14

For selecting our book of the month Mocha Girls Read uses a democratic system for our monthly selections. What do I need to do? In the comments section below, tell us what you want to read next (author and title).  How many books can I nominate? Just pick 1 title off your TBR (to be read) list. Then what? We will put the list of nominations up for everyone to vote on.  Once the voting is over, the winner will be selected as the book for April. What if there is a tie? We will put the two books to a head to head competition. The two books will be re-posted and everyone will be able to vote again but only in a 48 hour window of time. When do the nominations start and end? The nominations start today and will close on March 15, 2014 at midnight.  Voting will start the next day.

Let us know what you want to read next in the comment section below. You can also email your nominations to us at

If you need some suggestions check out the books below.  Click on the covers to read more about them.13588404 22151696 9315496 8504102 16075147 17159513

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  • V Taylor

    BROWN GIRL DREAMING by Jacqueline Woodson

  • Pipe Dreams At Midnight: Poetic Flows And Prose
    Jan 9, 2012
    by Broderick Lee Lewis

    • Hi Barbara. This book only comes in paperback and not both e-book and paperback. Is there another book you would like to nominate?

  • Jasmine Sierra

    Salt by Nayyirah Waheed!

  • LFrazier

    The Collected Poetry Of Nikki Giovanni

  • Mia Mitns

    An Unexpected Attraction- Delaney Diamond

    • Hi Mia. This month we are only nominating poetry books. This is a romance novel. Is there a poetry book you would like to nominate?

  • Heather

    Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon: Selected Poems by Pablo Neruda

    • Hi Heather. this book is only in paperback and audio. No e-book. 🙁 Is there another book you would like to nominate?

  • Carole Boyce

    “Ain’t I A Woman” a book of women’s poetry from around the world. Edited by Illona Linthwaite

    • Hi Carole. This book does not come in e-book as well. Do you have another poetry book you would like to nominate? Thanks.

  • Classy Green

    Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine

  • Aleeda

    I would like to nominate Selected Poems by Rita Dove, or On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dove.

    • I added On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dove because it is in e-book and paperback. PERFECT! Thanks your nomination is in.

  • Katrice

    The 100 Best African American Poems, Edited by Nikki Giovanni

    • Hi Katrice. This book only comes in Hardcover. Is there another book you would like to read that is in book e-book and physical form? Thanks 🙂

      • Katrice

        Nope, I don’t have a replacement this time. The other nominations look great; I can’t wait to vote! Thank you.

  • I don’t have a replacement nomination at this time. I will remember that for next time.

  • Daniela

    TransBluesency by

    Amiri Baraka

    • Hi there. This book is only in paperback form. Do you have another selection that is in both paperback and e-book?

  • Cynthia

    Alysia, I nominate Collected Poems by Ruth Pitter

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