Nominations are Closed

Today Mocha Girls Nominations for the November book selection is CLOSED!!  Check back tomorrow and Vote for your 3 book selections.  Voting will be from October 19 to the 26th.  That is one week only.  No votes will be accepted or counted after midnight on the 26th.  To make it easy for everyone the Nomination button will be changed to a Vote button which will take you directly to the poll.

Los Angeles Mocha Girls the next book club meeting will be at a new location.  We will be meeting at Esowon Bookstore in Liemert Park.  You can click here or on Book Club Meeting in the menu.  The time and date are the same.  I will post information about the meeting soon!  Or go to the site.  I’ve updated the site already.

Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow!!

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