Nominations for May’s Book of the Month: In An Animal’s Voice

 It’s that time to pick a new book of the month.

The theme for April’s book nominations will be…In an Animal’s Voice (Any book with an animal telling the story.)

Note: If you are nominating a book in a series then only book 1 is allowed. And all nominations should be published in e-book and physical form.

Nominations are from 4/3/17 – 4/9/17

For selecting our book of the month Mocha Girls Read uses a democratic system for monthly selections. What do I need to do? In the comments section below, tell us what you want to read next (author and title).  How many books can I nominate? Just pick 1 title off your TBR (to be read) list. Then what? We will put the list of nominations up for everyone to vote on.  Once the voting is over, the winner will be selected as the book of the month. What if there is a tie? We will put the two books to a head to head competition. The two books will be re-posted and everyone will be able to vote again but only in a 48 hour window of time. When do the nominations start and end? The nominations start today and will close on April 9, 2017 at 11:00pm. Voting will start the next day.

Let us know what you want to read next in the comment section below.

Here are some suggestions.  Click the book covers to read or buy the books on Amazon.


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Just another girl who loves to read and then read some more and wants to meet others like me.
  • I nominate THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by Garth Stein.

  • phoenix process

    The Bees by Laline Paull

  • E.Linda Nolan

    Watership Down, Richard Adams

    • Classy Green

      I need to finish this book from junior high school. LOL

    • Bernie

      I listened to the audio version because it is free with my amazon prime membership. I would have never picked out a book about rabbits. Boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. I loved the book and am looking forward to trying out another book In an animals voice.

    • Your nomination is in E. Linda. Thank you.

  • Latonya

    The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

  • LHS28

    Yes. The Art of Racing in the Rain or A Dog”s Purpose

  • Keena Laster

    Watership Down, By Richard Adams

  • Jennifer Williams

    The Bees by Laline Paull

  • Linda Jules

    I would be interested in Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

  • Tina Greene

    Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard by Lawrence M. Schoen

  • Markita @SweshFit

    Call of the Wild by Jack London

  • Bri

    Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington; The book recounts the history of medical experimentation on African Americans from the era of slavery to the present day times (2007ish).

    • Sharnise

      Does this book have an animal as a speaking character?

    • Hi Bri. All books nominated this month have to be books in the voice of an animal. (Like the above mentioned books.) Would you like to nominate another book before Sunday?

  • Dindi Hill

    A dogs purpose by w. Bruce Cameron

  • Sharnise

    “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

  • Melanie O

    Would Maus by Art Speiglman count? If not, I choose Redwall Book 1 by Brian Jacques.

  • thelovelyjazmin

    The Wildlings by Nilanjana Roy

    • I had to do some research to find this one. Thank you Mocha Girl Jazmin for finding this interesting book. Your nomination is in.

  • Lea M. Jones

    The world according to Humphrey. By Betty G Birney

    • What a cute book! This sounds like a book to get young readers into reading. Thank you Mocha Girl Lea. Your nomination is in.

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