Read A Thon: Hour 5-8

It’s now 9:36am and I am in the 5th hour of the Read A Thon.  So far here is my progress.
Challenges Completed: 5 out 5
Pages Read: 18 pages of Love in the time of Cholera
10 Pages of An Old Song for Wrong Women (Complete)
4 pages of Teenie
Snacks: 1 banana, 1/2 bag of trail mix, Jasmine Green Tea with honey and 1/4 of my Gallon of water.  On to the Greek yogurt.
I know that sounds lame but I took a shower and have been posting to two blogs.
How are you doing so far?  How many pages have you completed? Snacks completed?
Hour 5: Mini Challenge- Book Sentence
For this challenge you will use book titles to form a complete sentence, and then take a picture of your sentence and post it to your blog, facebook or twitter account and then come back and fill out the linky with your link.
Here is my book sentence ~
“Teenie, the wind done gone along way from home on fifth avenue.”
Hour 6: Mini Challenge~ Book Appetit!

hosted by: Book Journey

Take one of the books you are reading today.  Now lets pretend that you are going to have a book discussion with friends regarding that book.  They are all coming over to your house and you are providing food and beverage to go with said book.  That’s right, your challenge is to share with me here:
1.  Title and author of the book
2.  The menu:  the food, the beverage (if you want you can go as far plan background music, decor, whatever.  :D )
Book: Love in the Time of Cholera
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Menu:  This is funny because the book club meeting scheduled for the first Satuday in May is a Spanish Potluck them based off of this book.  Since this book is about a Spanish family living in the Caribbean I would have to say Empandas, Peas and Rice, Plantains, Sangria, and Rum cake.  Yummy!!  That sounds like a great meal right there.  Much better than the trail mix I am eating now.  LOL!

Hour 7: Find a Poem Mini Challenge 

hosted by: The Hungry Readers

Find a Poem!   Based on whatever reading you’re currently enjoying, jot down some favorite phrases and words and create a found poem.  You are welcome to change tenses, add or drop words and mix up the order of the words or phrases.  Let us know which book or text your found poem originated from.

I am not a poet but here goes nothing.  LOL!  I figure format counts for something.

 Book: Teenie by Christopher Grant

My braids are tight

The texture of my hair is so weird

A mixture of nationalities

I’ll be lucky if these braids last all day

Whenever I look in the mirror

I can see the traces of my ancestors

My bronze complexion

My full lips

My straight narrow nose

My green eyes

I look so…different and mixed up.

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