Reading Challenge Check in!

This is the end of the third month of the year.  3 Down! 9 To Go! If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution or joined a reading challenge, we want to hear how you are doing?  Did you start yet?  How close you are you to your goal?  What changes have you made to make it your goal?

My Reading Challenges for 2012 are:

POC (People of Color) Reading Challenge – I have read 4 out of 9 books by people of color

Audiobook Challenge – I have listened to 5 out of 12 audiobooks

Dusty Bookshelf Challenge – I have read 2 out of 10 books on my dusty bookshelf

TBR (To Be Read) Pile Challenge – I have read 5 out of 10 books on my TBR list Reading Challenge – I have read/listened to 15 books out of my goal of 35 books for the year

My  personal goal of losing 30 lbs by June – not started yet!  ARGGH!!

If you are like most people (and me) your challenges and resolutions fell off into the waste side around January 20th.  If not sooner!  But there is no reason why you can’t start again today.  There are so many reading challenges that are open all year. Check out and A Novel Challenge.  At Novel Challenges there is a reading challenge for every kind of book out there. Picture Books, Audio Books, Non Fiction, Thick Books,  Short Stories.  Everything!!

So go to the comments section below and start bragging about your goals and how you are doing with them.  Or let us know you need a cheerleader to help get your motivation a kick-start.

Let’s make 2012 AMAZING!!

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  • My reading goal is 50 books in 2012…I’m on #9….ummm…I need to pick up the pace.
    I joined Weight Watchers in January and am down 23 pounds….have about 40 more to go. Yep, all that reading and munching packed on the pounds. Learning to sip water while reading!

    • Congrats on the 23!!! Nice! I need to add more water to my diet too!

  • I think you’re doing great on your goals! The Goodreads Challenge really helps me stay focused on reading though there have been times I’ve fallen way behind.

    • Me Too!! I love Goodreads for helping keep the list together for me.

  • You are making progress on your book goals! I too had a “get fit” plan that I am still struggling getting motivated on… lets hope April motivates us both 🙂

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