Sad news but Yeahhhhhh me!!


Good news and bad news! First the bad news…Boarders in El Segundo, Ca is closing. There are soo few bookstore besides Barnes and Nobles left on the westside. No more stores full of books, music playing in the background, and a cappuccino in a to go cup with unattended two year old running around.

Good news!!! When a bookstore closes, everything goes on sale. They are selling everything for 50% to 60% off today.

So far I have bought
The Story of Beautiful Girl (hardcover) by Rachel Simon for $6.00
One Fifth Ave by Candace Bushnell (hardcover) for $3.00
Two blank journals for $2.00
Bridge of Sand (Hardcover)by Janet Burroway for $1.50
The Monsters of Templeton (Audio) for $4.00

Second trip in the same day (I know, I know) I picked up
Aloha quilt (paperback) by Jennifer Chiaverini for $6.00
Viola in the Spotlight (hardcover) by Adriana Trigiani for $8.49
Secret Lives of Dresses (paperback) by Erin McKean for $5.60.

The last Boarders store closing I went to was in the Valley and $75.00 and 3 hours later, I walked out wanting more books.

Lord help me to not spend the whole rent check in here.

The clerk says the store will be closed the last week in September.

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  • I walked through and so sad that one of my favorite places to be will be gone. I was happy to see the sale and all these people buying books; however, I had to fight the tears. I will miss you Borders!

  • I have been twice already and I am dying to go back at least one more time. I think I have enough books on my “To Read List” to last me till the end of the year. LOL!!!

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