So Many Giveaways!!

From November 8 to November 11 there are soo many Giveaways to be had.  213 Giveaways to be exact!  Yes, there are 213 blogs participating in the Giveaway Hop!  What is a Hop?  Well when you go to a site with the logo there will be a form for you to fill out.  Nothing crazy just the stuff they need to get followers along with information to get in contact with you when you win.  Then at the bottom of the form is the list of blogs you can go to next.  Hop from blog to blog.  With 213 changes to win you might get the Christmas list taken care of.

Right now, the prizes range from a book, collections of books, and gift cards.  I loveeee gift cards!!

Check the Giveaway buttons in the menu because Mocha Girls are participating in the Giveaway Hop too.

Good Luck!  ♥Mocha Girl Alysia

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