Spotlight On: Eden- Regaining Our Spiritual Freedom


Eden:Regaining Our Spiritual Freedom

By Chet Shupe

Genre: Non-fiction Self-Help

Publication Date: September 2011

Publisher: Acacia Publishing, Inc.



Eden- Regaining our Spiritual Freedom  –  By Chet Shupe

Spiritual freedom, as presented in Eden, is rooted in brain dysfunction—mine.

Eden is an engineer’s perspective on the human condition—based on system control theory, not sociology.

What we each are looking for is to Love and to be Loved, but have created a world that offers only wealth and privilege.

In Eden we lived in the moment — according to the sensibilities of our souls

  • Loving and being loved is attending to one anther’s present needs
  • Seeking wealth and privilege is attending to the future

We expelled ourselves from Eden by trying to secure the future

  • Subjugated ourselves to legal systems—Kings, Gods, States, Institutions
  • To control our future we must that take care of ourselves according to the law of the land

In our natural state we gifted our brothers and sisters with our presence and unique skills

  • We didn’t worry about ourselves. Our brothers and sisters took care of us
  • To take care of life, and allow ourselves to be taken care of by life, is what intimacy is about. It is how we become part of the web of life. By trying to control the future we have separated ourselves from life.

What is happiness?

  • Happiness is intimacy. Given basic needs, if you have intimacy then you are happy.
  • Without intimacy, life is largely an issue of pain management – via religion, ideology, entertainment, technology, etc. Without intimacy, we live in pursuit of happiness.

Intimacy requires that we trust our lives to the human spirit.

Our spirits have existed for as long as our kind, upwards of 200,000 years, most of which was without legal systems. As such, our spirits are uniquely equipped to manage the future by attending to the moment.

Natural families are the key to intimacy

Trust our lives to others without separate legal and monetary identities, and without rules on the wall or on file that specify how we will serve one another.

The nucleus of that family, I speculate, will be a sisterly bond. The men, the brotherhood, will join, by the grace of the women, to help, support, and protect them and their children.

Eden is accessible to any body of people, who, having seen through the illusion of future control, are ready to trust their lives to the human spirit as manifest in one another.

Author Bio

Chet Shupe’s professional background is in Electronics Engineering. As a young engineer never did he imagine he would someday be developing a thesis that addresses a broad spectrum of sociological issues. At some point at mid career however, he was inspired to apply his background in control theory to the human condition by looking at the brain as the controller of the life of the species. This has led to an engineering based, rather than a religious, sociological, psychological, or philosophically based assessment of the human condition. Out of this has come a unique perspective addressing the perplexing issues that increasingly face us, including, among others, our lack of intimacy and habitat destruction. Why is our world essentially without relational intimacy, when that is what we want most is to love and be loved? And why are we destroying the habitat that we need to survive?

To Shupe, the two issues are related, plus myriads of other ills from which our culture suffers. Shupe offers his answer regarding the source of these issues, and also suggests a path by which to recover our natural state of intimacy in our relationships and of harmony with the natural world.

A sociological view of the world we live in.


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