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Remember summer reading when you were a kid? You would read a few books over the summer and maybe earn a prize for all your effort and hard work. Well kids don’t get to have all the fun. Mocha Girls can sign up at their local public libraries in Los Angeles, San Diego, Joliet, and Tempe and join in the fun too by participating in their local library’s summer reading program for adults.

At the Santa Monica Public Library (Santa Monica, CA) and Tempe Public Library (Tempe, AZ) this summer’s theme is Exercise Your Mind, Read! Participants earn points for reading and attending library events. Audiobooks, ebooks, and print books all count. Mocha Girls in Tempe can also earn points by visiting the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Zoo, or one of the library’s other community partners.

Participants in the Santa Monica program who earn 300 points will be entered into a drawing in August. Prizes include a Fitbit fitness bracelet and gift cards. Prizes for participants in the Tempe program include free books and a free admission pass and equipment rental for the Tempe Airsoft & Paintball.

Read for the Win is the theme for the summer reading programs at the County of Los Angeles Public Library, the Joliet Public Library and the San Diego Public Library.  All three libraries offers programs for adults, teenagers, and children. Additionally, readers can register as individuals or as a family. After registering start earning points and prizes.

The Los Angeles Public Library summer adult reading program is a little different from the rest. It consists of a series of challenges. Start by downloading a game board. Complete eight of the challenges on the game board and earn a free book bag. Challenges on the game board include tasks like read a memoir, read a book translated from a foreign language, read to a child or read a children’s book, and attend a library program.

More information about all of the above programs can be found below:

Santa Monica Public Library: SMPL Summer Reading, general information here

Tempe Public Library: Adult Summer Reading, register here

Joliet Public Library: Adult Summer Reading Program

San Diego Public Library: 2016 Summer Reading Program

County of Los Angeles Public Library: Read for the Win

Los Angeles Public Library: Adult Summer Reading Challenge


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    Thanks Mocha Girl Tiffani. I totally forgot about the reading program at the Joliet Public Library. I can definitely use a $25 gift card from local retailers or the Fit Bit Blaze.

  • I didn’t realize they had these for adults. I just checked my local library and it turns out they have one too, I just signed up !

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