Women’s History Month: TED Talks by Mocha Women


TED Talks have become a widely known online media platform. It is amazing to see leaders from ‘Mocha’ backgrounds sharing their stories and experiences. TED Talks have been widely revered for its intellectual conversation, broad spectrum of topics and greatness circling the universe.
Women from every professional background from doctors, poets, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, activists, novelists are a part of a larger conversation. Below are TED talks by ‘Mocha’ women that are  motivational!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
For more on 27 more women of color on TED Talks, visit, here.
Do YOU listen to TED Talks? Feel free to share your links!


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  • I haven’t listened to a TEDTALK yet, but I’ve been meaning to check out Chimamanda’s. This looks like a great starting list !