Ten Books Every Woman Should Read

Book readers are familiar with the term CHICK LIT.  Basically, it is a book written with the female audience in mind.

Chick lit doesn’t have to be a Harlequin Romance book, or a Danielle Steel novel.  It doesn’t have to have a half-naked man on the cover either.    Not saying anything is wrong with those books.  I have a collection of D. Steel books myself.  But Chick lit is more than that.

  Ali Martell at CurvyGirlGuide.com has come up with a list of 10 Books Every Woman Should Read that are extremely interesting, well written stories with strong and fascinating women.  And trust me there are no books on How To Make Your Man Happy.

Check out the article.  Do you think she is missing any good books?

Curvy Girl Guide » Ten books every woman should read

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