The End!

Last Post For the Read A Thon Hour #24


Which hours were most daunting?  That is a hard one.  It’s a toss up between waking up at 4:45 am to start or ending at (what time is it now?) 5:00 am.  I took a million breaks but those were the worst.  LOL!!

List a few high interest books that will keep a Reader involved next time.  Well anything short, like less than 100 pages.  Comic books can work too!

What can be improved on or next year?  Just one thing comes to mind.  Have the links ready.  That’s it!  Everything was great!

What worked really well this year?  This was my first year and I thought everything worked out well and I had a ball.

How many books did you read?  One and some of another one.  But I did read a ton of great blogs.

Which book did you enjoy the most?  I liked taking my magazine break the most.  But I am enjoying Devil in the White City (still)

What did you enjoy the least?  No comment.  LOL!!

Are you going to participate next year?  And what role are you planning to fill next year?  I am going to participate for sure next year and I think I will host a Mini-Challenge.  It was fun!

Thank you all for a wonderful time.  I will post a wrap up tomorrow when I am sane again.  ♥Mocha Girl Alysia♥


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