The Hunger Games Readalong: Progress Report 2

OMG!!!  If you have finished Chapter 12.  You are in the same state of shock and awe I am in too!!

How are you doing with the book of the month?  Are you reading along with Kris?  If so, you should be done with Chapter 12.  What do think of the first 12 chapters so far?  If you haven’t made it to this check points yet, no worries!  Here is a recap for you.

  • January 1st: Reading begins!
  • January 7th: Progress Report #1 – End of Chapter 6
  • January 14th: Progress Report #2 – End of Chapter 12
  • January 21st: Progress Report #3 – End of Chapter 18
  • January 28th: Progress Report #4 – End of Chapter 24
  • January 31st: Final Report – End of Chapter 27

Progress Report 1 (Chapter 1 to 6): Take a look and see what these bloggers thought of the first 6 chapters.

Words That Fly

Book Snob Wannabe

Hint of Sunshine

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If you haven’t made it to Chapter 12… Don’t read further!!  


Chapter 7 to 12 Essay Questions

1.  Why are the “Tributes” given stylist and dressed so elaborately for the opening ceremony?  Does this ceremony remind you of events in our world, either past or present?  Compare those ceremonies in real life to the one in the story.

2. Why do you think fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss?

3.  Before the Games start, Peeta tell Katniss, “…I want to die as myself…I don’t want them to change me in the there.  Turn me into some kind of monster that I’m not.”  What does this tell you about Peeta?  What does he fear more than death?

4.  Do you think the glamorization of the Games and the treatments of its stars before they are sent off to die is a reflection of anything in our modern society?

What do you win if you get all of the answers right?  The satisfaction of knowing you are… RIGHT!  It’s not to late to join Kris in the Read Along.  Click on the owl and it will take you right to her Read Along.  Keep the pages turning!

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  • For question number one, the ceremony reminds me of the Olympics. I say this because this is the one thing that everyone (even though the Olympics reaches much further than just our country) watches at one time.

    • I was thinking the same thing too! Especially the way the athletes circle around the track in costumes representing their country.

      BTW, I have been trying to comment on your site today and it won’t post for some reason. Just wanted you to know. 🙂

  • I can’t really answer the questions because my mind isn’t there. BUT I love reading your reactions as you read so I had to stop in.

    • Just finished the book and I was was shocked and surprised by every single page I turned. Good book!

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  • Rochelle

    Good Morning Mocha Girls and Happy Monday just finished the book, this book kept me on the edge of my sit, it kept me intrigued and anxious to get to the end and then there is the end, (don’t want to spoil the end for those that have not finished, overall good book.

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